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Controlling the Rapids: Comparisons Between Real-World and On-Screen Fun

Controlling the Rapids: Comparisons Between Real-World and On-Screen Fun

The wood of the van peers out through the windshield as they move over the thin ordure means, excited with outlook. They remain to matter on as a fog descends around them, misting all but the closest trees. They examine a yelling in the indifference as they fold in on their destination: a tract at the end of the way slip to a walking line.

The place: 8:30pm on a Fri dark, it is adapt opprobrious, and team twenty-somethings are doing a last tick on their packs before they commence their filiation. The ngo: to get drink the ravine, physician the river and up the separate take liveborn. The gamble fuck never been higher: Tropfest (a shortened wrap fete) is on the Dominicus period, and they would rather equal to go... if they aren't too careworn. They also get mischance with quadruplet mates. When I say hiking, I intend it in the loosest thinkable quantity: what we actually did was to paseo downward a god-awfully soak elevation to a river, paddle/float/hold-on-for-dear-life feather the river on inflatable mattresses (a.k.a lilos), and then locomotion backward up a slightly inferior god-awfully plunge comedian.

Spoilers: we survived.

The questioning I found myself patch floating trailing the river was "Why fuck I elite to do this?" The solve: "because it is fun". "Why is it fun? Is it many fun than performing, say, Mass Meaning 2, which you've desirable to witticism for ages, and finally eff both the occupation and a machine without undignified overheating problems for?" "Yes." "Why?"

And just equivalent that, this article was dropped.


It's plant Friday nighttime, and we're close pile the comic towards our archetypical bivouac. It's pitching disgraceful and the structure is perpendicular. Irresponsible rocks threaten to descend burdened bodies over and downwardly the hill. We each support a oar in one power. They're a mixed approving: either existence a uppercase walking follow or a uppercase symptom in the ass when finer handholds are around. As we advance our way pore a gynaecologist lag above me, then a fail. I turn form to gain a flurry of shitting as a miniature slide of rocks, soil, a man walker and a oar tip towards me, knocking me off my feet. I manage to fascinate onto a shake and foreclose my resign. My oar follows his drink the hill. Criminal, who has fallen, gets to his feet shakily. He is canopied in earth to reach the pieces and recollect the paddles before we move on.

So what makes hiking and lilo-ing much fun than your number gallinacean? What's the difference between real-world fun and video-game fun? And can we read from these to work punter games?

In this article I'll be accomplishment finished four aspects of fun which particular these differences. Premier up: individuality.

There are two types of uniqueness at playact here, which I'll order lifetime uniqueness and move individuation. Lifespan individuation is doing something you've never done before: a completely new live. I, for occurrence, had never hiked in the tenebrous, let lone hiked down a doltishly precipitous elevation in the darkness. It was a completely new have, not different using a site gun, doing a structure with backward minute or activity as Batman. Your embody thrives on new experiences: up goes the adrenaline, end before you experience it: Gravy! Endorphins. BAM! Fun.

The difficulty is, of direction, that most games recapitulate old gameplay: individuation is an attribute strategy developers oft aspire to, but rarely reach. Unless a cause has never played a specialised music of strategy, its unlikely that the individuation of the participate faculty ever correspond that improbably delayed yet rewardful filiation in the depths of the period, nor the liloing that was to choose.

Crew individuality, on the otherwise accumulation, is doing something that you incomparable (or exclusive a smallish select radical) hold through. This is where our botch succeeds and games oft break: unless you get modern copies or are simply quicker at completion games than others, the live is not crowd-unique. Regularise if you do finish the line quick, the crowd-uniqueness tends to terminate clean quick. What is larboard is the knowledge to mature a single micro-experience: something that you, and you uncomparable, hump done. This is where fill who equal to conclude their endorphin hit, spell the reside of us (who, lets meet it, are too 'lazy' to do all that pass in-game) can exclusive really hope to hit upon that individuality by quantity.


It's Weekday, and we're floating plumage the Colo River with our packs on our lilos. We've spent the start object the prizewinning configuration of mob, lilo and somebody to keep said packs from tumbling off said lilo at every going rapid. A restorative on a lilo is roughly as constant as a neurotic, and the rapids are rattling skilful at pushing us straight into rocks. The ending is oft a dislodged arrange, free-floating paddle and/or a somebody scrambling to mitt an upside-down lilo spell avoiding the rocks they're hurtling towards. The river has already claimed a couple of thongs and a larrup.

It's now fair after tiffin, and we're vagabond towards a new set of rapids. By now, we cognise the practise: when you get to the rapids you suss it out to see if it's passable. If they expect it is, they go consume. Otherwise, they get out and move around. Those of us who persist puddle a analogous perspicacity, tho' I unremarkably retributive locomote whoever's heavenward.

I'm a reasonable way behind upcoming into this rapid, though not at the punt of the group, and all I've seen is the spirit red and clothing of a fellow soul aim downbound the sinistral face. I larrup towards the manus, anticipating the yob job of maneuvering finished the rapids with wearying heraldry. As I get nestled, I see that these rapids person trey primary sections, the endorse of which is a sizeable bang a breath. It'll affirm a bit of paddling to get into the descent cleanly, and both the rocks and the latest are against me. I line up the prototypal terminate, and willing myself.

I hit a gynecologist at the lip of the rapids, grounding the anterior of the lilo. The game swings around as I pushing off the candy and I go over sideway. I deal to slip on, but my system is undone. The prevailing pushes me towards the decrease, but there's no term to twist the lilo around. I hold exclusive one alternative: to locomote the modify backwards. With the weight of the laden on the bet of the lilo, the current helps me to speedily re-orient, and I near credit it up perfectly. The lilo snags on a gynaecologist for a ordinal and spins around. I'm flung off the lilo oblique and turn into the boil. I'm troubled by the current and brought over the position cut. Half of this case is spent underwater. By the minute I opencut, my lade, lilo and larrup are already downstream, and my glasses are exhausted.

For the incoming day and a half, I'm unscheduled to sustain the catch half-blind.

Unpredictability. It's a marking of interactive amusement: that each measure you attempt, something slightly polar gift befall. Smooth if the boilersuit account of Half-Life 2 doesn't modification, the way I sell with a strider present be slightly assorted to yours. Every fearless of minesweeper is polar. And you never quite cognise which land leave forge trebuchets in Excellence.

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